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Add: No.26, the South of Yikang Road, Tengzhou City Shandong China
Tel: 0086-632-5962166
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   Tengzhou Golden Sun Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. lies in Tengzhou of Shandong Province in East China, which is adjoint to hometown of Confucius, the ancient saint in China. People here are kind and honest. The traffic is very convenient, with Jinpu Railway and Jingfu Expressway running through. It's only 90 kilometers from the airport

   There is a high-quality management team in the company under whose lead lots of management and technology personnel has gathered here and the company has developed rapidly.

   Main products of Golden Sun Company are various frames, mirror frames and picture frames. Hundreds of popular frame styles have been formed in the long process of product development. The frames are of excellent materials, classical and elegant style and exquisite craftsmanship, which are to the taste of modern occidentals. Especially the PU foaming frame developed by the company is very much favored for its novel style, good quality and reasonable prices.

   Another kind of product of Golden Sun is resin artwork which is classified into more than 100 varieties. They are entering thousands of households constantly through extending market network.

 Golden Sunserve clients with sincere attitude and good credit. We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends both at home and abroad to strive for a better future!

    Wish our friendship will never set just like golden sun!

Add: No.26, the South of Yikang Road, Tengzhou City Shandong China
E-mail: sales3@haolongglass.com
Website: www.532844.buzz

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